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Our coaching program is a 2 day curriculum consisting of 4 principle areas of learning.

The 4 part curriculum will move the agent and their team through a 360 degree approach to develop them into a more balanced team member.


Part One: Coaching each team member to develop and master the auto conversation and multi-lining skills, based on our proven scripts and processes.


Part Two: Coaching on how to build a strong and repeatable referral process. As well as, help them develop a strong referral elevator pitch for effectively  starting new outside centers of influence.


Part Three: Coaching them to move from transactional life sales and app count, to a more premium and value based life sales conversation.

Part Four: We will work with your team on developing leadership skills to help them learn how to lead within your agency and develop a winning mindset.

Team members will be given a call to action to complete the following: develop a unique value proposition, referrals & centers of influence, life prospecting, role playing how to undercover premium opportunities. As well as leadership development centered around learning how to lead themselves, lead their peers, and lead the agency.


The agent will receive and should follow up with their team on the following:

  • All classroom materials and workbooks

  • Areas and topics your team member was called to action.

  • Referral scripts and processes

  • Leadership commitment made by your team completed in their workbook.

  • Agent Call to Action workbook

This material will help you create a plan of accountability and success to maintain the LIFT they will bring back from our class.

Agents will also receive an invitation to schedule a one on one coaching call with Charles at the conclusion of the class.  Giving them the opportunity to review and ask questions on any of the material.  This will assist them in reinforcing the material with their team as well as helping to create accountability around getting the maximum impact from the class. 

Agents can attend the class but must attend with at least 1 team member

Cost is $550 per person as a First Time attendee. 

Group rate $475 per person for groups of 3 or more with Agent and team members

Returning Team Member cost is $225 per team member.


Includes light breakfast daily 

Transportation and lodging not included

Cancellation or Refund Policy:

There is 15% cancellation fee or you can simply hold your ticket to be used for a future event.

Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the event start date and time.

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