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Our 360 Masterclass Series is a program designed to provide focused coaching on topics from our class course material, as well as subject matter experts we collaborate with to bring additional knowledge to the program.

The Masterclass series will explore a wide variety of topics to help you and your team enhance your business, continue personal growth, and grow your income.  Below is a sample of some of the topics we will explore in the series:

  • Growing your Health Production- How to produce over 60 apps in 60 days

  • Mastering Limited Pay Life

  • Deep dive into Referral marketing

  • Maximizing Agent Compensation-Scorecard & SMVC

  • Firing yourself by Leading and Coaching your Team

  • And many more….

Each Masterclass Series is $99 for a 1-hour Webinar and will explore one singular topic each time.  One ticket gets your entire office access to the program and all relevant material associated with each Series.

Series schedule will be posted under the events tab

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